Want To Buy Ottoman Bed? These Are The Things You Should Consider

Ottoman beds are a multi-purpose solution in an age when storage is a problem. Ottoman beds use gas-lift hydraulics for lifting and holding up the base. This allows you to access storage underneath that can hold all your bits and pieces. There are many ways to use the space, including for clothing, books, shoes, or other items. Whether you are looking to buy an ottoman bed, or if you have been thinking about buying one, these are the essential facts you should know.

Size Options

Ottoman beds are available in standard sizes, including singles, doubles and full doubles. They also come in king-size and super-king size options. You can expect the following storage capacities for most bed sizes:

  • Single/Twin 15.11 Cubic Feet
  • Double bed- 21.20 Cubic feet
  • King Bed 24.72 Cubic Feet
  • Super King Bed-30.22 Cubic Foot

Types of Opening

Ottoman bed frame from Hugo & Sons are available in three ways: a side lift, an end lift or a half lift. Side and end lifts are most popular. They offer maximum storage without the need to have drawers. These lifts work in the following manner:

Side Lift

Side lift ottoman beds are designed to open along one side of the bed. This is a great option for smaller rooms or areas where the other side of the bed may not be as accessible. You can have different sections. Usually, there are two in each section of the divan base. However, they can also be one large section. The Franca Upholstered Ottoman Side-lift Bed is an excellent example of a 2-part ottoman. It comes in five sizes and 25 swatches, so it can be adapted to any bedroom design.

End Lift

End-lift ottoman beds raise from the foot end of the bed. These ottoman beds allow for easy access to both the storage sides and can be purchased in single or multi-section versions. The Franca Upholstered ottoman Full End Lift Bed has two sections that can be used for larger sizes than one and is available in four different sizes to fit any space.

The Lage Grey Upholstered Ottoman Bed Frame is a single-section ottoman bed. It comes in three sizes: small double, double, and king.

Half Lift

Half-lift ottomans can be used in small rooms with low ceilings or where drawer and under-bed storage is needed. This allows for more storage in rooms with awkward shapes. The Franca Upholstered Ottoman half lift bed is a compromise between an ottoman or a divan. You can also choose from a double or king size and over 20 swatch options.

What kind of mattress can I use?

An ottoman bed’s lifting capabilities means that you should be cautious about the weight of your mattress. Most mattresses can be used in an ottoman bed frame provided that they are the correct size. However, some mattresses may not be suitable or make it difficult to lift. Talking to the retailer about the weight of the mattress is the best way to choose the right one.

Are They Secure?

Customers often ask us if ottoman beds are safe. You can store clothes, toys, blankets, and other items in smaller spaces. However, if safety is a concern, you can choose any of our ottomans or children’s toy box ottomans. For example, the Panda Upholstered toy Box is a great storage and seating solution. It comes in three fun colors and two sizes.

Ottoman beds can be a great way of increasing storage space in your bedroom. There are many options for sizes, styles, and other features. Get in touch or visit our complete range of ottoman beds today.