Can You Call Mobile Gamers “Real Gamers”?

If you’re reading this and thinking, “No,” then it’s time for you to grow up a little. There is already a great deal of conflict, discord, and injustice in today’s society. There’s no need for that in the gaming community. Using the dictionary definition of “gamer,” we can put an end to this debate quickly. “Someone who plays games,” according to Merriam-Webster and Cambridge dictionaries (among others), is the general definition of the term “gamer.”

However, things aren’t quite that simple. Gatekeeping is a common problem in any group that includes members who are extremely dedicated to a particular activity. It is common for gatekeepers in gaming to discourage others from using the term “gamer” because they haven’t reached a certain level or meet a specific standard.

Some people will be offended if you call yourself a gamer but only play games on a platform that is implied to be inferior (i.e. mobile). Those who only play occasionally and don’t have hundreds or even thousands of hours logged may also be a target for these attacks, as well. It’s also possible to be as petty as claiming that someone’s choice of game or genre isn’t “hard enough” in some cases.

Gaming in the “Hardcore” Style

According to this argument, a true gamer might be a hardcore gamer — someone who takes their hobby seriously. Hardcore gaming, on the other hand, is defined by different people in different ways.

Male gamers are more likely to view gaming as a form of competition and challenge, a survey from Quantic Foundry found. First-person shooters with competitive multiplayer gameplay are a good example of this. The point of competing against other players is to climb the ladder and win the game.

Contrary to popular belief, a study conducted among female gamers found that they place a higher value on game design and completion than do their male peers. If you’re a fan of life simulation games like The Sims or Animal Crossing, you’ll know what I mean.

The reasons why people play games at a high level differ from person to person, and this is true for both genders and people of all ages. Because of this, there is no wrong motivation. Everyone has their own reasons for playing games, and there isn’t one that is better than the other.

Male gatekeepers in the gaming industry are far more common than female gatekeepers. The “this is what a hardcore gamer plays” gatekeeping argument becomes murky in light of this fact.

Investment of time and money

Some gamers contend that they should not be considered “real” gamers because they have not invested nearly as much time or money as other gamers have done so in their games. The ridiculousness of this circumstance cannot be overstated in any way. If someone doesn’t spend a certain amount of money on video games, how can they be considered a gamer? A person who participates in and derives pleasure from playing video games is referred to as a “gamer” in the dictionary. There is no one to act as a gatekeeper, there is no need to spend time or money, and there are no preconceived notions. Especially if we count the fact, that for mobile games gamers can download free modded versions of games or Mod APKs that are available on to save their money, but get maximum from their game. It just helps them to play better without any cost for the game, but id does not make them worse players.

Selecting a Platform

Getting back to the title of this article, let’s do that now. The argument that mobile gamers aren’t “real gamers” has already been debunked by everything we’ve talked about so far. Anyone can call themselves a gamer regardless of their affiliation with the platform, and no one should be discouraged from doing so.

However, let’s focus on the mobile platform. If you’re looking to play games, you can’t go wrong with the PlayStation 3. It’s relatively simple for both consumers and developers to get into the market. Playing most, if not all, games on a smartphone in the PHP5,000-PHP10,000 price range is no problem at all. As a result, mobile games are cheaper to produce than those for other platforms.

Due to the combination of these two factors, there are a staggering number of mobile games available today. Google Play has about 340,000 games, while the Apple App Store has 410,000, according to Statista. In comparison, we found over 50,000 titles across the Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and PC platforms combined (Steam, GOG,, Epic Games, Uplay, Origin, Microsoft Store, Xbox Live).

And it’s not just the very simple, easy-to-play games that we often associate with mobile that make up that enormous library of games available for Android and iOS. Many popular games can be found in the area, including some that have become a part of the cultural landscape.


Anyone who is reading this and enjoys playing video games, regardless of the platform, type of game, or amount of time and money invested, should consider themselves to be a true gamer. Keep in mind that you’re not a “real gamer” just because someone else thinks that way.