15 Easy And Fun Hairstyles

Listen, I’d love to have someone style my hair for me every morning, but that’s just not my reality, and since you’re reading this, it’s probably not yours either. But that doesn’t mean you’re going to be stuck with average-looking hair for the rest of your life. All you need are a few little tweaks to take your hairstyling game to the next level. Ahead, 15 easy (like, really easy) hairstyling tips for curls, waves, and ponytails that’ll make it look like you had your hair done in a salon even if you most definitely didn’t. Check out Mensjournal.com for more information.

How to Style Hair Tip #1: Use Hair Pins

You can lock your hair with a hairpin if you are having trouble keeping your hair straight. Stick the pin into your hair by pointing the open end at the direction that your hair is being pulled. To secure the pin, turn it around so that the open end faces the same direction as your hair. The pin will hold your hair in place and make it almost invisible. To give the pin some grip, you can spray it with hairspray.

How to Style Hair Tip #2: Step Up Your Ponytail

This ponytail trick makes your hair look professional and professional. Once you have secured your ponytail, take a small piece of hair about the size of your pinky and wrap it around your ponytail’s base to cover the elastic. To secure the hair, spray the end with hairspray and then smooth it over the base. If you want to feel even better, you can put a hairpin in the base to ensure it stays put.

How to Style Hair Tip #3: Tug on Your Waves

Did you ever wrap your hair too tightly around the wand or hold it too long against the barrel and end up with a look that wasn’t your intention? You can do the same. Simple fix: Pull the curl a few times on the ends while it’s still hot to loosen the ringlet. This is a great styling tip to use when you want to create beachy waves.

How to Style Hair Tip #4: Pineapple Your Curls

You can either dry your curls or protect them during sleep. “Pineappling” will make your curls fuller and more bouncy. This will prevent your curls getting too stiff or matted. Simply place your hair over your head, and secure it loosely with a scrunchie. You can remove the scrunchie at night or in the morning when your curls have dried.

How to Style Hair Tip #5: Make Your Own Salt Spray

Ryan Trygstad, hairstylist and stylist recommends making your own salt spray. In a spray bottle, combine 20 ounces seltzer water with a teaspoon sea salt. Once your hair is damp, spray the mixture on the ends of your hair and then use your fingers to scrunch it up. What’s the result? The result? A beachy, tousled texture.

How to Style Hair Tip #6: Do a Fishtail Braid

It can be difficult to figure out how to do a fishtail twist. Here’s a genius trick. To braid your hair, tie your hair in a low ponytail. This is important for those with layered or angled hairstyles. After you have finished braiding your hair, take off the hair tie at its base. You can make a more messy fishtail by using your fingers, but a strong base will keep it from falling apart throughout the day.

How to Style Hair Tip #7: Prop Up Your Pony

You can give your sad ponytail a lift by pulling out your bobbypins (if they are still available) and giving this trick a shot. After you have tied your hair in a ponytail, attach two to three bobby-pins underneath the base. Flip your ponytail upside down and curl it up to cover the bobby-pins. Final result: A fuller, more voluminous tail that doesn’t sag or droop.

How to Style Hair Tip #8: Create Flat-Iron Curls

When you’re on the road and don’t have enough space for a curling iron or a curling wand to use, learning how to curl your hair is a game changer. It’s not that easy to explain, so let me give you a breakdown. Grab a small section. Next, place your flat iron vertically so that the open end is facing upward. Begin to rotate your hair away from your face as you clamp your hair with the iron. You need to keep your motion fluid, and not stop for too long or you will end up with kinks. Keep rotating the iron away form your face and allowing the hair to slide through the clamp until it reaches the end. You can curl your hair looser by lowering the heat of your flat iron, and then brush them out once you’re done.

How to Style Hair Tip #9: Fill In Your Part

You can make your hair appear thicker by using a makeup brush and an eyeshadow to match your hair. This trick is not only effective in real life, but also looks great in photos. This trick can be used to fill in your part and perfect your hairline. It’s the gift that keeps giving.

How to Style Hair Tip #10: Make Your Bun Stay Up

Are you without a hair clip or a hair tie? There’s no problem. No problem. To create a loose curl, pull a hair piece from your side to wrap your hair in a bun. To keep the bun in place, wrap the hair around the bun.

How to Style Hair Tip #11: Get Beach Waves With a Flat Iron

This is a slightly simpler technique to achieve flat-iron waves while you are working on your flat-iron curls. The flat iron should be held horizontally. To create soft bends, move your wrist upward and down in an alternating fashion.

How to Style Hair Tip #12: Define Your Curls

You don’t have to do your hair in a particular order if you have trouble keeping your curls straight. Instead of combing your hair after applying your curlyhair products, comb your wet hair first. This will allow you to detangle knots and not compromise the shape or definition of your curls.

How to Style Hair Tip #13: Flat-Iron Your Braids for Waves

We love the hair iron. It’s so versatile, if you don’t believe us, we are! You now know how to use it to make perfect curls or beach waves. Braid your hair. The more braids you do, the better your hair texture will be. Next, use a flat iron to reduce the length of each braid. After your hair cools, you can unravel the braids to allow for movement and bend.

How to Style Hair Tip #14: Try the Side-Swept Look

Side-swept hair is great, but it can be tedious to have to keep it up all day. You can keep your hair in place by pulling the under section of your hair into an baby ponytail and securing it behind your left ear. Then, add the rest of the hair to the top.

How to Style Hair Tip #15: Stack Your Ponytails

You can create a longer, more voluminous ponytail by stacking them on top of one another. For a longer look, start with the top pony at your crown. Secure the second at your nape. To hide the lower ponytail, tease the top pony and cover it.