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The new scientific article: a gateway to a web of data.

From strings to things.

Standard Analytics automatically identifies concepts hidden inside scientific articles using hundreds of web ontologies.

Scientific article as linked data.

Directly access the raw data, code and media at the origin of scientific results. Easily find other related results and data.

Semantic versioning.

A research project evolves over time. Semantic versioning conveys meaning about what changes from update to update.

5 stars linked data.

The 5 stars scheme lets readers assess the quality of the publication in terms of good linked data.

Data, code, media included.

Standard Analytics archives all the dependencies of research projects. Hover on different parts of the diagram to reveal dependent relationships among data, code, media and results.

Access all of the research.

Retrieve the data, code, media and dependencies behind research using our REST API or ldpm, the linked data package manager.

A new layer of data over the scientific article.

    "@context": "",
    "@id": "mypkg/0.0.0",
    "@type": "Package",
    "name": "mypkg",
    "version": "0.0.0",
    "description": "An example of a scientific article in JSON-LD",
    "author": {
        "@id": "", 
        "@type": "Person",
        "name": "John Markup" 
    "annotation": [
            "@type": "oa:Annotation",          
            "oa:motivatedBy": "oa:linking",
            "oa:hasBody": "mypkg/0.0.0/dataset/data1",
            "oa:hasTarget": ",50,640,480"
    "dataset": [
            "@id": "mypkg/0.0.0/dataset/data1",
            "@type": "Dataset",
            "name": "data1",
            "description": "a dataset about some quantity measured in a lab"
            "distribution": { 
                "@type": "DataDownload",
                "contentUrl": "data/data.csv" 

Data organized in JSON-LD.

JSON-LD combines the simplicity and ease of use of JSON with the power of the semantic web.

Built-in Class support.

Precisely identify the various kinds of things being described using standard RDF ontologies.

Reference all the things.

Get a permanent URL or DOI for any resource.

Add a data layer to any part of documents.

Create associations between related resources (e.g., data behind a paragraph or a figure) using open annotation core data model, a methodology that conforms to the architecture of the World Wide Web.

Publish scientific research as linked data from your browser in seconds.

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